• Welcome and thank you for your visit.  On this website you can browse and purchase a variety of low voltage garden lights. The advantage of our product range is that it can be easily and safely installed by anyone without an electrician. 

    When purchasing our products please follow the 3 step process:

    1. Select the lighting fixtures that best suit your garden and taste.

    Each of our lighting collections have sub categories of lights depending on the desired use, i.e. Post Lighting, Spot Lighting, Wall Lighting etc. Pay close attention and keep track of the light source of each light (LED or Halogen) and how much electricity is consumed by each fixture.

    After you have selected your lights you will need cables and a transformer.  The system is very easy to install if you use the cables and transformers sold on this website.

    2. Determine the size of the Transformer you need

    Once you have selected the lights, add up the total wattage of the lights - that will determine the size of the transformer you need. The total wattage of all the connected light fixtures may never exceed the maximum capacity of the transformer.

    3. Choose the cables.

    Now you are ready to choose your cables.  There are 2 main cables available:

    - If the total wattage of the selected lights are under 100 watts, choose the 10m (33') main cables with 4 connectors.  

    - If the total wattage of the selected lights are over 100 watts, choose the thicker 15m (49') main cables with 6 connectors.  

    For both sets of cables you can always add more cable to the initial cable to allow for more lights. More cables can be added to each connector and placed in another direction.  When you want to place more lights in one area of your garden, you can purchase a cable splitter. 

  • We are an online shop for Aurora Experience Inc. that imports high quality garden lights from Techmar BV in the Netherlands. We ship across the US and Canada by UPS. Typically your order arrives within 2 - 4 days from the time you order.